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Monday, March 4th, 2013
10:59 am - Furry Fantasy Baseball League
Taking registration for a furry fantasy baseball league now. You should join. =^_^=


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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
3:50 pm - Wisconsin, Megaplex, Orlando, FFXIV, FC, Confuzzled
So tomorrow I leave on my week long trip to visit my folks up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Haven't seen my 'rents or my brothers for almost 2 years now so it should be a lot of fun. Planning on going to Six Flags great America, a Primus concert, and a Brewers game while there. I prolly will end up with some freetime if anyone wants to hang or anything.

Megaplex was awesome and great as always, hung out with a lot of folks, and secured Paul Zaloom a fursuit for the dances.

Orlandos been fun, had a lot of folks over this past weekend and just had a wonderfully great time.

I preordered the Special edition of Final Fantasy XIV so if anyone else is getting it, let me know so we can match servers and stuff when it's available.

I have my plans for FC all set in stone, room, and all so I'm going to that in January.

I am working really hard on going to Confuzzled over in Manchester, England in 2011 as well. I think it's pretty much a sure thing, still gotta work out rooming and get my passport, but I've already started the process.

And that's what's been up with me.

Sadly I will not be at Elliot's this weekend due to my trip, but I'll be at the fall Elliot's and Furloween for sure.

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Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
5:54 am - Life, FWA, and such
So life has pretty much been work, and then be exhausted as of late as the crazy busyness of holiday shopping has commenced at my work. Every day is 8 hours of insane, running around, helping folks as fast as I can, etc etc etc. Leaving me exhausted and tired at the end of the day, so I lazily play video games at night.

As for video games, I played through Paper Mario on Virtual Console, finally beating it last Saturday and now I've started in on Paper Mario: The Thousand Years Door. I really love these games, very fun, great sense of humor, and the GC version just really takes the paper aspects to an inane level.

I've decided on Furry Weekend Atlanta as my first con of 2010, now I just need to find someone with room space. Anyone out there? I'm a friendly cabbit, and can easily pay my room share. =^_^=

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Sunday, October 4th, 2009
6:20 pm - South Florida Furs?
So once again I'm heading to Homestead, Florida for the IRL this upcoming weekend. I'm driving down, by myself sadly since I can't find anyone who wants to go with me, on Thursday Oct 8th and returning Sunday Oct 11th.

Anyone in that area who might want to hang out or anything? I'll be free each of the nights.

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Thursday, September 17th, 2009
11:45 pm - Midwest Furfest, IRL in Homestead, Birthday, take on drama
So I have been granted the time off to attend MFF finally. After about 2 months of waiting for it to be accepted at work I now know I will be there. So if your going in November I look forward to seeing you.

Next I'm going to the Indy Racing League championship race October 10th in Homestead, Florida, anyone wanna join me, or anyone down that way who might want to hang out sometime while I'm in town? Plan to head down Thursday night (the 8th) and stay till Sunday morning (the 11th).

My birthday is coming up in about a month (October 19th), and I'll be turning 31 this year. Earlier this year a friend posted a blog about his birthday and I said I never post mine cause I feel those who care will ask me when it is, and he responded with maybe my friends think i don't want them to know, so to make a long story short I said I'd post when my birthday is before it and see what happens. So yea my birthday is October 19th. :P

My take on the current drama:

I think it wrongly portrays furries as heterosexual monogamous couples who engage in fursuit sex, when the majority of furs are gay or bisexual, have multiple partners and don't own fursuits :P

But yea it really has been blown out of proportion, there's no need for trolling/death threats towards anyone, I've always felt if you have nothing nice to say, you don't say anything. Although I don't understand how someone agrees to go on these garbage talk shows though, Tyra is barely a step above Jerry Springer, and why would anyone in there right mind agree to go on a show like that for any reason? Was the couple tricked into thinking it was a classier show like Ellen, Oprah or Late Night or something? I just don't understand it, I thought everyone on those shows (jerry, Tyra, Montel, etc) were just paid actors not real. Most are though at least.

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Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
8:11 pm - Sorry for being all flakey and such lately =-_-=
Sorry to everyone for not being around to chat much lately, and when i have been around for being so flakey and unresponsive at times. I just haven't been in the greatest of spirits, and work has been giving me a hassle about my off request for MFF, and still haven't given me full approval for it, and it's been bringing me down,a s I'm so looking forward to my only chance of attending a big con this year.

Aside from that my life has just been really boring and uninteresting, and I just live in a routine of going to work, and playing video games, without much else to break that up and it's been getting to me. Sadly it's not going to change for a while as it all really depends on how much contract work my bf ends up getting. He has been getting a bit lately, and financially we are doing great, but still not comfortable enough to spend money on anything just in case contracts dry up or something in the future. We try really hard to always make sure we add money to savings every month, it's kind of a rule we have, and as of late that means being as frugal as we can. No going out for entertainment, and rarely going out to dinner instead eating things like ramen and mac & cheese while we save and save and save for our retirement someday.

So yea I've haven't been chatty or rp-ey lately, just cause when i do I get even more depressed thinking about hanging with friends who I prolly won't see for a good long time, or I start to desire more social interaction and I can't right now due to the money savings.

So yea that's it.

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Friday, August 14th, 2009
4:10 pm - Sarasota/Bradenton Meet this weekend August 15th - No Bowling
From Seifer Hyperion:

Instead of Fursuit Bowling this weekend, we'll be attempting Livingston's Amusements as an alternate. No fursuits are going to be allowed at this point, but we'll see how this works out as a furry get together, perhaps something we do once a month.

At any rate, the place is http://www.livingstonsamusements.com/ on Saturday, August 15th at 5pm. Directions are on the webpage and hopefully we'll all have a good time.

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Sunday, July 12th, 2009
11:13 pm - 1 week without smoking / Thanks for fun partyness last night
So today was the 1 week mark of my quitting smoking, and it's actually been a lot easier so far than I thought it would be. I do now and then have a slight urge to have a cig, but mostly it's fine, although I have been snacking more as a result.

Last night we had a fun party here at our place, my fox Ratchet, Ferloo, Deadmeat, Scarlettseraph, Rrruff, Dibbun, Snowy, Charles, and there bud whose name I forget =-_-=, all came over, and had lots of fun times, Rock Banding, watching The Mighty Boosh, and some AMV Hell, and all kinds of stuff really. Was a lot lot lot of fun. =^_^=

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Friday, July 10th, 2009
3:50 pm - Next Bradenton Fursuit Bowling July 11th
We're having Fursuit Bowling once again at AMF Bradenton Lanes this
Saturday, July 11th at 5pm.
Where: AMF Bradenton Lanes 4208 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL 34210

When: Saturday July 11, 5pm

Cost: We pay a group rate so it varies by how many attend and how many
decide to bowl. Last time it came out to 4 bucks a person plus shoes, but bring more if your bowling just to be safe. (Like 10 bucks?)

Due to Megaplex in 2 weeks, we will have a special schedule for bowling in the near future:

July 11th - Bowling
July 18th - Bowling
July 25th - No Bowling due to Megaplex
August 1st - Bowling
August 8th - Bowling
August 15th - No Bowling

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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
4:15 am - Quitting Smoking
So well As of this past Thursday Ratchet (my bf) has quit smoking. He quit when he left Thursday evening to head to a party in Fort Lauderdale. I have quit as of his return from said party this past Saturday. So try to support me with this, it's going to be tough, and rough, and I might get a bit grumpy at times while going through it, but I'll try not to. I'm kinda worried about how I'll be come Megaplex, but I guess I'll find out cause we really need to quit smoking.

Umm if anyone can think of any rewards or gifts for me to help me reach milestones in my journey I'd be one happy cabbit. =^_^=

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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
4:00 am - Thank Yous (Was Re: Fursuit Disaster)
Thank you for everyone's suggestions and support in this matter. I'm going to try some OxyClean first with the Folex suggestions as a secondary idea if it doesn't work. *hugs*

Thank you all again.

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Monday, June 29th, 2009
3:21 pm - Fursuit Disaster
So I'm looking for advice. I was at Heartwood's party Friday night, and had a great time there, but sadly my fursuit had a disaster in the process. Folks were painting/drawing on each other in sharpie and from some hugging of them without realizing it my suit has been stained. Now the paws I was planning on replacing soon anyway, my hands sweat so much the fur has been destroyed for the msot part already, but anyone have any idea of anyway to get the sharpie out of the chest fur?

Here are pics of what I'm talking about:


*whimpers* My suit is so special to me, it's the number 2 thing in my world aside from my bf. I have been trying to just go with it, deal with it, and it's slowly been eating me up inside for letting this happen to it. So any advice would be good, chances are I'll just have to save and have the white fur replaced though. =-_-= But if you see me wearing my hockey jersey in suit in the near future, well you now know why.

And I am not upset at the sharpie artists or sharpie wearers, it was just an accident, no one knew this would happen.

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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
11:34 pm - Next Bradenton Bowling June 27th (no bowling June 20th)
There is no bowling this week, but we're having Fursuit Bowling once
again at AMF Bradenton Lanes on
Saturday, June 27th at 5pm.

Where: AMF Bradenton Lanes 4208 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL 34210

When: Saturday June 27th, 5pm

Cost: We pay a group rate so it varies by how many attend and how many
decide to bowl. Last time it came out to 4 bucks a person, but bring
more if your bowling just to be safe. (Like 10 bucks?)

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Thursday, June 4th, 2009
1:37 pm - Bradenton, FL bowling Sat / ESpG Fursuit Pictures
We're having Fursuit Bowling once again at AMF Bradenton Lanes this
Saturday, June 6th at 5pm.
Where: AMF Bradenton Lanes 4208 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL 34210

When: Saturday June 6th, 5pm

Cost: We pay a group rate so it varies by how many attend and how many
decide to bowl. Last time it came out to 4 bucks a person, but bring
more if your bowling just to be safe. (Like 10 bucks?)

We will also be doing bowling next Saturday, June 13th at the same time
and place.

Since folks don't like me posting too many fursuit pics on my fa, I've put all the pics deadmeat took of me up on my Furry4Life page in a gallery here: http://furry4life.ning.com/photo/al.....gathering-2009 if you wanna see. For all of deadmeat's pics head here: http://meatyphotography.com/Elliott.....009/index.html

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Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
8:06 pm - Last.FM and Elliot's Spring Gathering
Well almost time for Elliot's, tomorrow I'm heading to Kissimmiee to visit wildwolf and hang out, and then heading to Elliot's from his place Friday. I can't wait, it should be lots of fun. Be sure to snuggle the cabbit :P

My bf recently turned me on to Last.FM, it's pretty cool, lots of music to listen to, but really I love the whole keeping track of what I'm listening to thing. I'm quite the music addict and now you can see my collection and what I've been listening to lately and stuff. If your on there, friend me please.


current mood: excited

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Friday, May 22nd, 2009
11:29 am - Bowling Tommorow in Bradenton, Orlando/Elliot's next weekend
We're having Fursuit Bowling once again at AMF Bradenton Lanes this Saturday at 5pm.
Where: AMF Bradenton Lanes 4208 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL 34210

When: Saturday May 23rd, 5pm

Due to Elliot's next weekend, we are holding bowling this weekend, May 23rd, taking off for Elliot's and then holding it again on both June 6th and June 13th.

Now next week I'm heading to Orlando on Thursday, and will hang out with :iconwildwolf: that night and head to the Elliot's part on Friday through Sunday. Whose going?

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Thursday, May 14th, 2009
10:01 pm - Bradenton Florida Fursuit Bowling May 16th
We're having Fursuit Bowling once again at AMF Bradenton Lanes this Saturday at 5pm. I apologize for not giving a lot of notice as i've been unable until tonight to get a hold of a manager to set up our changing room and everything.

Where: AMF Bradenton Lanes 4208 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL 34210

When: Saturday May 16th, 5pm

Now as many people noticed, the following Fursuit Bowling would land on May 30th which is Memorial day, as well as Elliot's that weekend. So instead of canceling bowling for that weekend and not holding it for a month, we'll hold bowling two weekends in a row twice. May 16th and 23rd, this and next week. We'll have the 30th off for Memorial Day and Elliot's, and then we'll hold bowling June 6th and 13th before deciding if we want to switch back to every other week.

This will be a test to see if we have enough interest to hold it every weekend.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. :)

Original post by Seifer

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Thursday, April 30th, 2009
9:13 pm - Bowling in Bradenton again, May 2nd
It's that time again, our bi-weekly Fursuit Bowling is being held again at AMF Bradenton Lanes on May 2nd at 5pm until 7:30-8pm. Afterward we will head to nearby Wing House for some cheap food and good company.

Where: AMF Bradenton Lanes
4208 Cortez Road West
Bradenton, FL 34210

When: Saturday, May 2nd at 5pm

What to bring: Yourself. Fursuits, tails and ears are welcome.

We hope to see people there.


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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
6:44 pm - Florida Furs
Are you a Florida Fur?

Did you subscribe to the Florida Furs mailing list at some point and then decide to unsubscribe due to only wanting info about events and not long discussions?

Well there is now an events/announcements only list that has been started up just for you. It is completly moderated so only events/announcements will be allowed to be sent to the list.

This list and the regular Florida Furs mailing lists can be accessed and joined here:


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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
8:25 pm - Work, Annoyances and stuff (Prolly Should just skip this)
Well work is getting more and more annoying as I guess they severely edited this weeks and next weeks schedule to cut hours down a ton, and made me quite angry in the process. Not because of hours I'm losing, but due to them cutting out the other main electronics persons shift on Monday next week when I set up my entertainment department for new releases. Usually the have the other guy scheduled 9:30am-6:00pm Mondays, but they cut out his shift and now somehow I have to deal with all the electronics guests as well as get my new releases all set next Monday in my 8 hour shift, and it just totally pissed me off all day at work the moment I found out.

Of course the person who cut down the schedules wasn't there today so I couldn't even talk to him about it and instead had to jsut let it fester and build a rage inside me all day.

Aside from that it's just really frustrating to see all the FCN posts now, after seeing all the FWA posts last month. I so want to go to a con again, and although we have a very large savings account, I can't justify spending any of it now with Ratchet's impending lay off next month and my hour cuts. We prolly have enough to last about 2-3 years without working if need be, not that that will be the case, but I need to remain prudent no matter how much I really want to attend a con again. At least the Eliott's party is coming up at the end of May, and I will be going to Megaplex in July since it's so close to where I live and wouldn't require flying at all.

I guess what upsets me the most are the folks whoa re all "I'm tight with money yet I'm going to FCN", kind of posts. If your tight with money why are you going to a con? If you have no savings to fall back on why would you spend money on anything other than the bare essentials of food, hygiene products, and gas/public transportation costs? I jsut don't understand it and for some reason it pisses me off, mostly because with 50k in the bank I could be spending money on other stuff, but I know it's prudent not to. I don't spend money on going out to eat, or going to the movies, or anything beyond the essentials at the moment, and it's jsut such a change from our free spending days only a couple months ago when Ratchet was locked into his 90k a year job and I was making my 20k a year at Target.

Ok enough talking, just kinda needed to get this outta my system, and maybe see if I cna get nay kind of moral support. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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